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Custom Coins

Thank you for your interest in creating a custom coin with us! In addition to our stock coins we also offer the opportunity to have your own coin made.

If you're starting from scratch our artist can assist with bringing your idea to life.  To start this process, we will need the following information from you:

■ Shape
■ Size
■ Thickness
■ Plating Color
■ Color Fill
■ Border
■ 3D Sculpted Detail
■ Additional Features
■ Laser Engraving

If you already have artwork and are just looking for a quote you can send your artwork along with any other information you may have to us. Please be sure to include the quantity you would like quoted, the size of the coin, and any other relevant information.

■ Minimum order quantity - 25
■ Payment is required in advance to receive a digital proof.
■ Full payment is required in advance to start production.
■ Lead time is approximately 5 to 6 weeks once the proof has been approved and the order has been put in production.

Please email your design, images and all custom coin details to [email protected].

Custom Coin Detail Options

■ Traditional Round Sizes
    38.1mm (1.5"), 44.45mm (1.75"), 50.8mm (2"), 63.5mm (2.5"), 76.2mm (3")

■ Custom Shapes / Sizes are Welcomed

■ Standard Thickness

■ Plating Colors (Shiny, Antique or Matte Finish)
    Black Nickel
    Black Dye
    Anodized Rainbow
* Dual Plating is available

■ Color Fill Options:
    Soft Enamel - Raised Metal Edges can be felt (Enamel is Low-Filled)
    Hard Enamel - Flat and Smooth Finish (Enamel is filled all the way and sanded)
* Both methods use the same metal molds, and both will have bright and vibrant colors.

■ Decorative Borders
    Barbed Wire
    Tire Thread
    Diamond Cross
    Flat Wave
    Curve Wave

■ 3D Sculpted Detail
    Multi-Dimensional Modeling for details such as People, Vehicles, Aircraft, Mountains, Trees, Insignia, etc.
* Provides a more Realistic Appearance in Plain Metal

■ Common Features that can be incorporated
    Bottle Opener
    Background Textures: Sandblast, diamond plate, etc.
    Pierced detail
    Spinning feature: a secondary part on pin that can rotate in place
    Clear Epoxy Overlay - Can be added to protect detail

■ Laser Engraving
    Sequential numbering as requested: 1-150, 01-150, 001-150
*Side Wall Engraving available